Camper System Service Center

Camper System Service Center

Camper System Service Center

Camper System Service Center

A layman will think that this is a motorhome repair site, a workshop … A motorhome traveler will think, “I will finally dump the sewage and refuel the water.” A motorhome service is a service consisting in emptying the gray (suds) and black water (toilet) tanks and refueling with clean water. In the west, service stands can be found at every major town. Some are open to the public, in others you will need to pay a few euros for water intake.

What should a professional service stand (drain point) for caravanning look like?

It is an overrun plate with a drain grate in the middle, to receive gray water. It happens that the drain grate can also be used to drain black water. This is the case of motorhomes with automatic toilet cassette emptying. When using a floor drain in this way, it is important that it has a flushing system.

The second and key element of the installation is the service column . A device that allows you to empty the toilet cassette from a motorhome or caravan and refuel with clean water. It is important that the water intake tap is away from the cassette emptying section. Additionally, a separate tap for rinsing the cassette should be available. All this in order not to contaminate the tap for clean water intake with faeces from the toilet cassette.

Camper System will create caravanning infrastructure for the Taurus Center.

The presented Camper System service stand for motorhomes , at the Taurus Center , will be available to our caravanning guests from the beginning of the 2022 season!

Polish producer of stations enabling access to water, electricity and emptying liquid waste from motorhomes or caravans. After three years of operation, the company can boast of an impressive number of 100 completed investments throughout Poland.

Service station for campers.

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