Sauna w Ośrodku Taurus


Sauna w Ośrodku Taurus


In the evenings, you can use the Finnish sauna , and after the session, run into a refreshing lake, lie on your back and observe the vast constellations of stars in the sky.

Regular going to the sauna has many healing properties, such as: strengthening immunity, increasing the amount of red blood cells, more effective oxygen management, improving efficiency, relaxing muscles, accelerating metabolic processes and regeneration.

The best thing about our resort is that after a sauna session, you can immediately run into the cool lake, lie on your back and admire the sky, which is always full of stars in the evening!

Sauna at Taurus Resort

How should a bath in a Finnish sauna work?

Because there are specific conditions in the Finnish sauna, you need to remember a few important rules when using it. Dry sauna baths should not take place more than two or three times a week. It is forbidden to enter the sauna if you have previously drunk alcohol or immediately after a filling meal. The most favorable time for heat baths is in the evening, because after visiting the sauna you must not expose yourself to increased physical exertion, it is best to go to bed and give your body a chance to rest. Do not take a sauna bath before or after exercise.

Here’s how a step-by-step visit to the sauna should go:

1. Undressing naked.
2. Removal of jewelery and watches.
3. Cleanse the body in the shower and wipe the skin dry with a towel.
4. Entering the interior of a heated Finnish sauna.
5. Rinse the seat with water.
6. Spread a dry towel over the seat.
7. Taking a comfortable position on a previously unfolded towel.
8. After a maximum of 15 minutes, leave the sauna.
9. Cool shower.
10. Drying the body with a towel.
11. Rest lying down for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This ritual can be repeated several times (preferably 2 to 3 times), entering the sauna to warm up, and then leaving it, in order to cool the body with cold water. We start the shower by cooling the feet and legs with water, then direct the stream of water towards the heart and higher. Due to the alternating effect of heat and cold on our body, the blood vessels contract, which improves the efficiency of the circulatory system.

View from the interior of the sauna of the Taurus Resort